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NVZ Closed Periods 2018

The closed periods are rules on when you can spread manufactured fertilisers and also organic manures with a high readily available nitrogen content. These rules only apply to land inside of a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.

Organic Nitrogen

Start Date End Date Land Use Soil Type
1st August 31st December Tillage Land Shallow/Sandy
1st September 31st December Grassland Shallow/Sandy
16th September 31st December Tillage Land* Shallow/Sandy
1st October 31st January Tillage Land All Other Soils
15th October 31st January Grassland All Other Soils

*For Tillage Land with crops sown on or before 15th September 

Manufactured Nitrogen

Start Date End Date Land Use Soil Type
1st September 15th January Tillage Land All Soils
15th September 15th January Grassland All Soils


Examples of Manure Products with high readily available nitrogen:

  • Slurry
  • Poultry manures
  • Liquid anaerobic digestate
  • Liquid digested sewage sludge

There are no closed periods for farmyard manures, all manure spreading is subject to weather conditions. Please see the most up-to-date NVZ Guidance for more information or call our office.

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