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What CXCS can do for you

Farming is a dangerous occupation. Health and Safety need not be expensive or complicated to implement. Identifying and managing the risks involved is the first and biggest step to reducing the likelihood of death or serious injury.

Almost every task and location on your farm requires a Risk Assessment.  These will document the risks identified and what you need to do to address them. However, in some circumstances a risk assessment can be a quick mental assessment you undertake before starting a task and we aim to help you understand this process. Research has shown that the majority of Health and Safety failings have been because of a lack of understanding of the risks involved.

Once a Risk Assessment has been carried out, you will know how to approach the risks involved and also the various different ways to mitigate the risks including physical, human or the use of third party companies (e.g. insurance).

CXCS has developed a unique way to assess your business and have taken the necessary steps to provide a cost effective service for you. We believe our Risk Assessment process is unmatched by any other company that specialises in the Agriculture industry.

Our Process

The first stage requires an in depth investigation of your farm to understand the tasks you undertake and the environment you are working in. This will result in the production of a detailed risk assessment which will identify the risks, any mitigating measures in place and the difference between what is in place and the legal requirements. This will be reviewed and agreed with you at a second, shorter visit. The output from this is a prioritised action plan with proposed solutions to start you on the path to a safer working environment and compliance. You will then be able to carry out the actions or request our assistance to complete them. We will visit on a regular basis to monitor progress. Our aim is to provide pragmatic solutions and not bury you in paper.

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