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View / download the full Guide to cross compliance in England 2018 here.

View / download the full Guide to cross compliance in England 2019 here.

Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAECs)

GAEC 1: Establishment of buffer strips along watercourses

GAEC 2: Water abstraction

GAEC 3: Groundwater

GAEC 4: Providing minimum soil cover

GAEC 5: Minimising soil erosion

GAEC 6: Maintaining the level of organic matter in soil

GAEC 7a: Boundaries

GAEC 7b: Public Rights of Way

GAEC 7c: Trees

GAEC 7d: Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

GAEC 7e: Scheduled Monuments

Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs)

SMR 1: Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs)

SMR 2: Wild birds

SMR 3: Habitats and species

SMR 4: Food and feed law

SMR 5: Restrictions on the use of substances having hormonal or thyrostatic action and beta-agonists in farm animals

SMR 6: Pig identification and registration

SMR 7: Cattle identification and registration

SMR 8: Sheep and goat identification

SMR 9: Prevention and control of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs)

SMR 10: Plant Protection Products (PPPs)

SMR 11: Welfare of calves

SMR 12: Welfare of pigs

SMR 13: Animal welfare


Latest News

New sentencing guidelines for gross negligence manslaughter

Those convicted of an offence in England and Wales will face longer prison sentences, up to a maximum of 18 years, as well as compensation orders.

RPA release exchange rate of 2018 BPS payments

The euro exchange rate for calculating BPS 2018 payments has been set.

Inspections on Countryside Stewardship Agreements increase

CXCS have noticed a sudden increase in the number of clients receiving RPA inspections on their countryside stewardship agreements.